January 1, 2001

Surround-sound photos

These double shots are from a Nimslo 3D stereo camera. Stereo cameras have two or more lenses and shoot simultaneously (or, in the case of the four-lens Nimslo, one quickly after another).

Stereo cameras have been around for a while. When printed side-by-side and viewed through a specially designed viewing apparatus, the image appears to be three-dimensional because of the minutely offset lenses.

For me, the Nimslo was ideal for non-3D shooting because of the very small distinctions in the lenses. They shoot just a fraction of a second apart and at angles of only a little difference. The result is two very similar but discrete images that show what each eye may see separately.

These photos were all done on 35mm black and white film, so unfortunately I don't have any digital images to add to this post!

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