March 13, 2009

inanition \in-uh-NISH-uhn\,

1. The condition or quality of being empty.
2. Exhaustion, as from lack of nourishment.

3. Lack of vitality or spirit.

Update: I call mulligan

Dear readers:
The original photo for today's word was terrible, and it bothered me all day. I have to apologize, but I'm cheating. This is photo #2 for today, since the first one was crap. Hopefully I won't lose too much credibility for this situation, but all the same, I think this one is better.

As I said in the previous post from today: "As it's miserable outside today, I was lucky to have a nice, dry, indoor word of the day to work off of. And just as lucky was the fact that this word described the inside of my refrigerator perfectly."

And it's true. My refrigerator is close to that desolate.

(Thanks to roommate Josh for use of his likeness.)

I used the same technique of attaching a blue cloth to the top of a flash via rubber band (in the place of a gel set) and flashed from the bottom. There was also a flash on top of the camera inside the fridge, as my fridge doesn't have a light in it. (Are you starting to see how poor I am?)

Since it was dark, I let the shutter go for about a second and used the flash from below by pressing the test button. Incidentally, light from below often looks unnatural or creepy. But in this case, the flash from the floor was just a fill light, and the prominence of the flash inside the fridge balanced it out pretty well.

Again, sorry for cheating a little today. I probably won't be posting this weekend as I have to work, but if you've got a good photo for inanition, send it my way in an email!

Update #2:

One more from Ronny Nause for inanition. His are great, but I would love some contributions from the rest of you!

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