March 10, 2009

pedestrian \puh-DES-tree-uhn\,

noun, adjective:
1. a person who gets about on foot; walker

1. going on foot; walking
2. without imagination; dull

Another pretty straightforward word of the day photo assignment today. I really enjoy taking pictures of people in public, but they often don't like having themselves photographed. I think people feel like a photo might be incriminating or somehow show them in a bad light (ridiculous).

And that's why today's photo features my own foot as the subject.

Just as a fun legal note, it's not illegal to take pictures of people out in public, even if they ask you not to (and that extends to adults, children, men, women and whoever), though it certainly can be pretty rude. It's also never illegal to take a picture from a public sidewalk or street, though there is a reasonable expectation of privacy for people in, say, the bathroom.

Another important note: it's never OK for a policeman or anyone else to confiscate your gear at any time. They can't ask you to stop taking photos or take your film or memory card or anything like that.

One guy was recently arrested for unauthorized photography - a charge that doesn't exist - while taking pictures of a train, but the charges were dropped after they realized they weren't real.

All that said, try not to give photographers a bad name by being a jerk. I tend to ask people first and let them be if they say no.

Don't forget to send your photo of pedestrian by email if you want to join in the fun!

Another photo submitted by Ronny Nause for pedestrian, taken by one of these awesome little cameras.


  1. I love how effectively this picture portrays both the first AND second definitions of pedestrian.

    but really.
    post more bubble wrap.

    love. it.

  2. so many links on one page! ahh not enough time to see them all!