March 23, 2009

spoonerism \SPOO-nuh-riz-uhm\,

The transposition of usually initial sounds in a pair of words.

Spoonerism? Really? I think someone at is messing with me with this word of the day. But it's just as well, because I was able to find a good example of a spoonerism and have a little bit of fun with it.

Light a fire.
Fight a liar.

The first (creepy but awesome) picture is of a doll I found in a thrift store this morning set aflame. And for the second photo, a lot of thanks has to go to my brother, who let me experiment with blood and lights even though it was probably fairly uncomfortable.

The setup for the first is just a flash to Bryan's left as an opposing source of light to both the fire and the sun. The second shot has one flash close to the subjects on the right and another (though it didn't really show up) to their left and behind. In a studio setting, that flash would have provided a rim light around them both, but outside it sadly didn't make much of a difference.

All the same, to join in, send your spoonerism photo to me in an email, and have a good Monday!


  1. I'm hooked! You have a new follower.

  2. just came across this post. so so sweet!!!