April 15, 2009

outré \oo-TRAY\,

Unconventional; eccentric; bizarre.

Today's word of the day also happens to be Pig Latin for "true" (starting the blog off right with a crappy joke today). It also made me realize just how normal so many people walking around Raleigh are.

Unfortunately, I started off the day with one shot and then a dead battery. While I was walking back to my car, however, I happened to pass a man with four-foot dreads and a cross dresser. But these things happen, and I found a harp player instead, playing for a little crowd at the farmer's market on Moore Square today.

I also happened to see Ronny out shooting, which is always a lovely experience. He was out shooting video for work, and showed me the harp player.

Shorter post today, but hopefully you've got a few photos for outré that you can send my way via email!

Update: Thanks to Jessi for sending along the first photo in weeks. It is most definitely bizarre, and quite fantastic. Keep 'em coming!

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