May 20, 2009

satiety \suh-TY-uh-tee\,

The state of being full or gratified to or beyond the point of satisfaction.

Firstly, thanks to ____________ for helping out in today's word of the day. (The identity of the subject of this photo is protected because of the nature of his or her pose, which is not meant to be flattering.) I really appreciate ____________'s dedication to this blog and my art, and I couldn't do it without ___________.

The image is only made better due to the fact that I shot it at 12mm. For those of you who aren't cameraneers (yes, I just made that word up), lenses wider than about 50 or 60mm can start to distort the image out at the corners. With such a close-up on ___________'s belly, and with __________ pushing it out as far as he/she could, it makes the belly look rounder. It did not, however, make the belly look harrier. That's just __________.

If you've got any ideas for a satiety photo, send it along in an email so I can post it with mine. Clearly, no caption information is necessary.

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