June 9, 2009

paragon \PAIR-uh-gon; -guhn\,

A model of excellence or perfection; as, "a paragon of beauty; a paragon of eloquence."

I drove down to N.C. State's Alumni Center this morning for today's word of the day. I had heard that the place was really beautiful, despite being at the end of a very long maze and in the middle of nowhere on Centennial Campus.

It really was nice, but it's too bad it was the site for discussion yesterday in all the controversy surrounding my alma mater. For those of you who haven't been following, here's the quick rundown: former Gov. Mike Easley got his wife, Mary, a job there heading a speaker series for $80k. Then she got a raise to $170k.

The N&O broke the story about all the sketchy dealings with the former governor (who is now being investigated by a grand jury), and so far four NCSU officials have resigned over the hiring.

Mary Easley said she wouldn't resign, but the Board of Trustees went ahead and fired her yesterday. So we'll see what happens.

Anyhow, if you've got any photos to add to paragon, send them along to me in an email, and I'll be happy to post them with mine!

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