March 27, 2009

feckless \FEK-lis\,

1. Ineffective; having no real worth or purpose.
2. Worthless; irresponsible; generally incompetent and ineffectual.

Today's word of the day only cost me $5, and I think the bank will refund my money if I bring them back the 500 pennies I traded for real money earlier this morning.

That's right, for today's word, I'm claiming that pennies are worthless and generally ineffective. While some are more up in arms over the silly coin than I am, I still think this article makes a good point: "Because of the soaring price of zinc, it now costs nearly a penny-and-a-half to produce a penny."

That was back in 2006. I'm no expert on zinc, but I would say that the penny deserves the description today's word of the day provided if only to express my frustration when trying to buy, well, anything at all with a pocket full of pennies.

The setup for today's photo was as easy as any other: primary light was a flash shot through an umbrella (on the left), and then another flash, bare and on low power, from the right. I used a wide lens again to make 500 pennies seem like a little bit more.

As always, I won't be posting this weekend because I'll be at work, so you can spend your weekend looking for feckless-related photos and sending them to me in an email!

1 comment:

  1. Pennies ARE worthless and ineffective! I've even thrown some in the trash before. Oops.