March 26, 2009

propinquity \pruh-PING-kwih-tee\,

1. Nearness in place; proximity.
2. Nearness in time.
3. Nearness of relation; kinship.

Hey, readers! Sorry for the delay in the photo for today's word of the day. We got everything worked out and took a picture that I'm really happy with.

There seems to be some pattern here with my feet in some of these photos. My girlfriend, Jamie, helped me with this one by painting her toenails and posing for this shot.

Two lights for this image: one is the homemade softbox set next to our feet, the other is a speedlight with a shoot-through umbrella to light the rest of the room and add a little color balance (as I still have yet to buy myself any gels). Natural light would have been good for this one, but as it was getting a little late, it seemed better to use another flash.

Again, sorry for the late post. And as always, send your photos for propinquity to me in an email!


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  3. adorable!
    i really like this.