March 25, 2009

tumult \TOO-mult; TYOO-mult\,

1. The commotion or agitation of a crowd, usually accompanied with great noise, uproar, and confusion of voices; hurly-burly; noisy confusion.

For today's word of the day, I headed back to my alma mater, N.C. State. At certain times of the day, hundreds of people flood the school's Brick Yard, and today was no exception.

Today's shoot taught me two things:
1. Young people are usually more likely to let you take their picture, especially on a college campus.
2. I need to clean my lens. Badly.

The girl in the photo (whose name, I remember, started with a T, but that's all I remember) actually asked if I needed someone to be my subject. And as I had planned to take photos of my own knees, I was happy for the help.

I asked her to stand still as I let the shutter open for about 1/6 of a second. (By bringing the aperture up as far as it will go, it's only really possible on a cloudy day like today, or with a neutral density filter.) This photo is actually the end result of two photos because it added more to the crowd. People of all ages seem to "courteously" avoid the backgrounds of your photos, even if you want them in it (which is sometimes hard to communicate).

So many crowds to shoot, I'm sure you'll all have a photo or two to contribute to tumult. If you do, send it to me in an email!

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