April 29, 2009

bumptious \BUMP-shuhs\,

Crudely, presumptuously, or loudly self-assertive.

The photo for today's word of the day, in my very humble opinion, is fantastic. This is a definite response to an earlier photo starring roommate Bryan, which was much more intense and not quite as conducive to blackmail.

Clowns, I think, are loudly self-assertive. I had originally planned to get Bryan in some ridiculous makeup, but the wig and nose were $10 at the Magic Corner (the place for wigs and noses, apparently), and I think they got the job done.

The setup, as usual, was not too difficult. Two lights: one in front of the subject and to the right through an umbrella at relatively low power, and the other to his right and behind him at high power facing a white wall. I exposed for Bryan's (hilarious) face and so the light behind him was blown out, giving the side of his wig that effect of being almost feathered out at its end.

This was definitely a fun one, and I hope you'll all have something to match it. Send me whatever you've got for bumptious in an email and I'll be sure to include it!

Update: Another one from Ronny shows a friend, Clark, a little too close for comfort. Thanks, Ronny!

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