April 27, 2009

fi⋅an⋅cée /fee-ahn-sey; fee-ahn-sey/,

a woman engaged to be married; a woman to whom a man is engaged.

Doing a little something different today: I got engaged yesterday, so I'm cheating for today's word of the day! This is going to be a little more personal than the other posts, but you'll just have to deal with that.
It goes like this: yesterday, I got up at the crack of 3:30 a.m. and got Jamie, put her in the car, and told her we're going on a surprise vacation to the beach. It was pretty believable, I think, because we haven't had the same day off in months, and we had been talking about taking a few days off together.

We went down to Wrightsville Beach and made it just before the sun came up. (Fantastic planning, I must say.) We watched the sun rise, and I proposed, and luckily for me, she said yes. Though, if she hadn't said yes, I would have left her here in her pajamas.

We stayed over night in a hotel room my sister got us with her points from traveling (thanks Katie!) and we're still just hanging out today, which is why the photo for today's word is so fantastic. There's no color correction, or even cropping, because I just got engaged and I don't care that much about the photo.

Hope you're all having a great Monday! I'll be back with a real word of the day tomorrow!


  1. What a gorgeous ring! Love it!

  2. Unbiased one word description of your work--beautiful.

  3. Hi Rob,
    Katrina sent me the link you your website, and mentioned that you might be able to help me out with some photos...
    Your stuff is great, and I'd really appreciate it if you're still interested. I'm having a little trouble finding your e-mail address through the link on your website, so hopefully you get this - and if not I'll get your number from Katrina and give you a call in the next couple days.
    Congrats on the engagement! Talk to you soon,

  4. Boo: Awesome! We're so happy for both of you and thrilled that 'My Jamie' is going to officially become one of the family permanently. We love you both. Dad