April 24, 2009

gainsay \gayn-SAY; GAYN-say\,

transitive verb:
1. To deny or dispute; to declare false or invalid.
2. To oppose; to contradict.

Today's word of the day was a relatively easy one. I took it right down the street at the Salvation Army. (I think I've taken enough photos of that place for this blog to start a brochure. If you're reading this, Salvation Army, and you want to pay me, give me a call.)

It's a pretty incredible day outside. There aren't any clouds in the blue sky, which can make for a pretty awesome background.

As usual, I'll be working this weekend, so I won't be posting anything. But I encourage you all to look back at previous days' words and send any photos to me that might fit. I'll update the posts with your photos, and hopefully I'll find some way to showcase them retroactively. If you've got something good, send it to me in an email!

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