April 13, 2009

susurrus \su-SUHR-uhs\,

A whispering or rustling sound; a murmur.

Sorry about the late post for today's word of the day. I spent a little while today working on a project for the backlight that goes along with the picture.

Thanks firstly goes to Josh and Bryan for modeling in this shot. I know you can't see their faces, but that's what makes the photo so good. (Too harsh?) It's easily done with a flash behind them, keeping all the light off their faces. This flash was actually at about half power and the aperture was small, letting only a little light in. The room was lit with a regular overhead bulb, but it has no effect with a fast shutter and a small aperture.

On the flash was a homemade "gridspot," made from a stolen sign that you would find on the side of the road (the type that politicians use for their campaigns). You can find the directions here, and they're pretty easily constructed.

The light is a reddish purple because of a piece of red saran wrap fashioned over the flash with a rubber band. I could probably afford some gels, but who needs 'em?

Hope you liked this (better late than never) word of the day. If you've got any photos for susurrus, send them to me in an email!

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  1. NC is a very small state - I went to high school with Josh Hines!