May 22, 2009

buss \BUS\,

noun, verb:
1. A kiss; a playful kiss; a smack.

I know today's word of the day photo is a typical one, but, as a wise man once said: if they're gonna lob 'em in there, I'm gonna knock 'em out of the park.

This isn't a photo I went out to take today, but for some reason, I had a really difficult time finding people who would kiss in front of the camera this morning. I didn't necessarily ask people on the street, but the few calls I made were to couples missing one of the pair. I really need the whole set.

This is a photo I took on spring break last year with now-fiancee Jamie in Mazatlan, Mexico. It was a pretty simple setup. I'll give you the step-by-step (I'd say the first two are the hardest):
• Find pretty girl
• Get her to kiss you
• Place camera on beach chair, shooting directly into the sun
• Focus
• Set self-timer
• Focus, again.
• Be romantic

It's all fairly simple. If you'd like to get out and try it for yourself, send me your buss photos in an email!

Update: Dear Jessi, Please stop one-uping my buss photo with your more romantic, awesome wedding photo. Love, Robert.

Update #2 It's like obnoxiously-romantic photo day here. This one's from Alison again!

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