May 12, 2009

odium \OH-dee-uhm\,

1. Intense hatred or dislike; loathing; abhorrence.
2. The state or fact of being intensely hated as the result of some despicable action.
3. Disgrace or discredit attaching to something hated or repugnant.

I lied a little bit for today's word of the day. I don't hate peas; I actually really like peas. But I know many of you probably do have at least some mild dislike for them, so I thought they would make a good subject for today's word.

For this photo, I headed to the grocery store to buy a $1.50 bag of frozen peas. I probably won't eat them, but I would say it's still worth the five gumballs I could otherwise enjoy. I put them in a bowl and shot them with the homemade tilt-shift, which I've been meaning to play with for a while.

It seems like the tilt-shift needs a good bit of light to shoot well, and even then, it can get pretty grainy. I think I'll blame that on the Bronica lens that I bought to make it -- in your own photo adventures, I might suggest a better one. But this one still seems to get the idea across, and it gives that cool, distorted depth of field that can make even a photo of peas interesting.

I hope you've all got a good odium to take a photo of! If you do, send it on over to me in an email and I'll put it up with mine!

Update: In an email from (older sister) Katie:

"Maybe this was merely an oversight on your part, but I seem to remember a point in your life when you really did HATE peas. It was a weeknight like any other, when a devious older sister persuaded you to stick a pea up your left nostril, insisting it would be fun and harmless. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you had some pea odium then. Yes?"

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  1. I remember it as well. It nearly gave me a heart attack (thanks A LOT, Katie!!). Dad came to rescue, though, and I recall a pea shooting out of someone's nose, across the room, and wedging itself into the adjacent dining room wall (just kidding about that part).