May 11, 2009

bombinate \BOM-buh-nayt\,

intransitive verb:
To buzz; to hum; to drone.

Today's word of the day showcases the engine of my awesome car. Sadly I don't know anything about cars, so I'm not sure if that's the part of the engine that hums or drones, but I'm fairly certain it is.

My poor car got a good sized dent in it about a week ago when I was at N.C. State shooting the Art to Wear fashion show. Someone must have hit the back when they were parking and then drove off without leaving a note. I was pretty pissed -- I think if they realized how poor I was, they might have been a little more considerate. But maybe not.

Sort of a gloomy day out, but if you happen to have any photos for bombinate, send them along to me in an email and I'll be sure to put it up!

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