May 18, 2009

pernicious \pur-NISH-us\,

Highly injurious; deadly; destructive; exceedingly harmful.

Today's word of the day has a little bit of fake blood on the sidewalk outside. Or is it fake?

Yes. It's actually a mixture of corn syrup and food coloring (mostly red with a drop of blue). I got the recipe from Josh, who liked to make slasher movies in our basement last year. It's just mixed up and then strewn on the sidewalk with a leftover straw from Wendy's.

For post processing, I just brought the contrast up in curves in Photoshop and used another layer on top, in "soft light" mode, with about 40% opacity. It gives the photo a pretty cool feel, but you can adjust the opacity so that it's not too overwhelming.

This is a really fun word of the day, so if you're out shooting something pernicious, send it to me in an email! Happy Monday!

Update: Thanks to Amy for this awesome photo of pills that she clearly got illegally. Well, maybe not. But they definitely seem to fit the theme of today's word. Thanks, Amy!

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