May 15, 2009

quer⋅u⋅lous /kwer-uh-luhs, kwer-yuh-/,

1. full of complaints; complaining.

Today's word of the day describes everyone who will read this post and realize that the photo has nothing to do with the word of the day. (Pretty good, huh?)

I tried to figure out how to justify this, but I thought it'd be better just to come clean.

Today's going to be a busy one, so I won't have time to get the photo of the day. But I'm not leaving you empty handed.

Last night I went out to ride around and just take some photos, and the one in this post is from my excursion. It's just a lamp post taken from underneath, facing up. There's a grassy patch near the government revenue building where I went to do a little snooping and shooting, and I got a couple good/mediocre photos.

For those hardcore followers among you, I'd still love to put your photos up in the post. Hopefully I haven't cheapened the project too much. Send me your querulous photos in an email!

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