June 1, 2009

cosset \KOSS-it\,

transitive verb:
1. To treat as a pet; to treat with excessive indulgence; to pamper.

A new day, a new word. This is actually a cool little car wash that I took a photo of for today's word of the day. For my Polaroid-taking friends, this seems like an awesome little place for that.

I actually really like some of the retro-photo stuff (like the rediscovery of Polaroid awesomeness) that's happening lately. People are looking at the uber-photoshopped art of late and reaching back to older aesthetics. I think the real reason I like that so much is that shooting with older cameras actually gives you a better feel for how photographs are made.

In an interesting post from the Online Photographer, they suggest shooting with only a Leica for an entire year, all black and white, to get a real base for how photographs are created. (This as opposed to shooting your digital SLR on full automatic, which may make it hard to see what's really happening with your camera.)

Take a quick look at that post and the ones that follow, if you're looking to learn how to shoot better. Though you may not decide to take a full year shooting only with a Leica, you'll probably find a variation on that project that you might enjoy.

And for those of you who've got a cosset photo for me to today, send it along in an email!

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  1. how i love seeing the world through your eyes