June 2, 2009

hortatory \HOR-tuh-tor-ee\,

Marked by strong urging; serving to encourage or incite; as, "a hortatory speech."

This is a pretty simple little word of the day photo, but it gave me a chance to use a lens that I rarely do: it's a 200mm Canon FL f/3.5.

For those of you who don't completely get that kind of stuff, that's a decades-old lens. It's long, but not very fast (and thus not very good when it's not the middle of a sunny day). But the long focal length gives a good, small depth of field, so it's still usable.

That lens came in a whole box of stuff I bought on Craigslist, which included a few other old lenses, bodies, and toys, for $50. I would say, all together, it was probably worth about $300 with everything sold separately (with ebay prices), so it was definitely a good deal.

The lens uses the same adapter I wrote about in my very first post, actually.

Anyhow, that's your lesson for the day. I hope you'll all go out and get some hortatory photos. Send them to me in an email!

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