June 26, 2009

encomium \en-KOH-mee-uhm\,

An often formal expression of warm or high praise.

Overall, this was a pretty easy word of the day to photograph, as I was already planning to hang out at the Morning Times this morning. But giving my roommate a $4 tip was a bit much, so I will probably steal the money back from his room when he's not paying attention.

I tried to also get a bit of that latte art in the frame, but it was too much to ask for in that situation.

On another note, shooting with Ronny's camera the other day has really got me on a kick for a new one. It's tough, though, as my mantra is usually along the lines of, "The cheaper, the better." I'm still trying to justify the whole thing, so I'll let you all know what I come up with.

And while I mull that whole situation over, get out and take some encomium photos and send them to me in an email!

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