June 17, 2009

gravid \GRAV-id\,

Being with child; heavy with young or eggs; pregnant.

Dearest Readers:

I must apologize for not posting a photo for today's word. Surely you've all remembered to come to my blog in search of your daily dose, but as I'm 13.5 hours into my 14 hour work day, I've got little hope for getting to the photo today. I really did think I might get to today's word, but it seems that I was a little overconfident (as per usual), and I've failed to bring you your word.

Hopefully those of you who did come to the site - only to be turned away empty handed - will return another day to see that I really haven't forsaken you. I hope to make up for today's lapse with overly ambitious photos in the future.

Until tomorrow,

Update: Clearly your dedication to this project is greater than mine, and for that I'm also sorry. Despite my blatant neglect for today's word, Jessi sent this photo along for your viewing enjoyment. Thanks, Jessi!

1 comment:

  1. I missed your picture today, Rob. Just wanted you to know checking your blog has become a regular thing for me...I love you!