April 2, 2009

gambol \GAM-buhl\,

intransitive verb:
1. To dance and skip about in play; to frolic.

Too bad this excellent word of the day fell on such a dreary, depressing, rainy day. But it's alright, because many of my friends tend to gambol even on rainy days, so it wasn't hard to convince them to go out frolicking for just a little while.

We went to the second most popular place to photograph Raleigh: Western and Salisbury, just south of downtown (the first most popular being the Boylan Street Bridge). There's a nice little grassy spot where you can frolic if you pull off the road and don't let the authorities get at you.

Today I shot with my favorite, the Tokina 12-24 f/4, but it tended to be just a little too wide that far away from town. But no worries, the girls filled the frame really well with their dancing feet. I'm starting to discover that I like to use people's feet and legs in my photos sometimes, as opposed to their faces, to provide a sort of anonymity and so that the subject isn't just a face, but the entire frame.

Hopefully some of my many readers will brave the rain to go out and do a little gamboling (not gambling), and if you do, send me your photos in an email!

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