April 9, 2009

impugn \im-PYOON\,

transitive verb:
To call in question; to make insinuations against; to oppose or challenge as false; to gainsay.

Today's word of the day was a quick one. As some of you may have guessed, I am very important and often have tons of things to do.

So thankfully, Josh and Lauren were around to help with today's word. We had to roll Josh out of bed, but it made the whole thing a lot easier since he was already angry.

The lighting setup for this shot is not very complicated: two bare flashes on either side of the subject at half power, and the aperture on the camera very small to block out a good bit of the bright sunlight and put the focus on my angry subjects. We were out in the street in front of my house, which was only a little bit terrifying.

Update: I reposted this photo with a little texture over it by taking a photo of some dirt/grass/whatever and using layer mode "overlay." It's still not my best shot, but it's at least a little more interesting!

Short post today, but if you've got any photos for impugn, send them to me in an email!

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