May 8, 2009

aliment \AL-uh-muhnt\,

1. Something that nourishes or feeds; nutriment.
2. Something that sustains a state of mind or body; sustenance.

I took a short trip to the farmer's market this morning for today's word of the day. The people there are always really fantastic, and I sort of regret not buying anything while I was there, because their food is fresh and usually very good.

The nice lady at the L&G Farms stand let me take photos of her food. It was all set up really well, so I actually only spent about 45 seconds there while I took one shot.

That'll be all for a short post today. As always, I won't be posting on the weekend as I am very important and have many important things to do. I'm proud of you all for contributing so much this week! Keep up the good work by sending me pictures of your lunch for aliment in an email!

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