May 6, 2009

lugubrious \lu-GOO-bree-us; -GYOO-\,

Mournful, dismal, or gloomy, esp. in an affected, exaggerated, or unrelieved manner.

I headed over to the Oak Wood Cemetery in Raleigh this morning for today's word of the day. It was, though a bit creepy, a very interesting visit. Some graves at the cemetery dated back to the late 1800s. It's a very large place, and I'm sure it has tons of history.

According to its web site (yes, apparently this cemetery has a web site), the 102-acre cemetery is home to nearly 1,500 Confederate soldiers, which was the purpose for its founding, at 2.5 acres, in 1867. They also apparently offer no-interest financing on your grave site for five years, if you're looking to buy.

Late N.C. State basketball coach Jimmy V is buried there, as well as John Edward's son.

Well that was sort of a downer of a post. But I guess that's what today's word was all about. If you've got any lugubrious photos, send them on over to me in an email!

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