May 4, 2009

tyro \TY-roh\,

A beginner in learning; a novice.

Readers beware: today's word of the day photo may be too adorable to handle.

I usually don't love pictures of pets and all, but this is just too much; I couldn't resist. And this photo has led me to a very important decision (that in reality I had already made): I need a puppy. Now.

What I'm really hopeful for is that this photo inspires you, my many readers, to get out there and take some adorable puppy photos. (I know many dog people may be against this, but I'll take kittens, too.) I promise to post whatever puppies I get, especially if they're in some sort of costume. Today's the day, let loose and send cute photos to me in an email!

Update: The puppy photos are flying in. These first ones are from Jessi of her adorable and rambunctious dogs (respectively), Molly and Smith!

Update, again:
Laura sent me this photo of Rainer, who now weighs about 2,308 pounds more than he did in this photo. Thanks, Laura!


  1. Molly looks like she could open up her mouth and recite Shakespeare!

  2. In fact, she even looks sort of like Shakespeare!