June 22, 2009

copse \KOPS\,

A thicket or grove of small trees.

Today's word of the day brought me out to find the very nicest 90-year-old Christmas tree farmer I've ever met.

Frank's farm is about five or 10 miles outside of Raleigh. He was really nice when I drove up onto his tree farm to find a group of small trees. He drove his golf cart up and down the rows to find trees that weren't growing straight up and tie them to posts.

The Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm, on which the first tree was planted in 1979, is one where you can go to pick out your tree, cut it down and bring it home. Customers can also reserve their tree in October, Frank said.

If you're hunting for a place to get a Christmas tree, or even a photo of one, that's the place to go. In the meantime, send your copse photos to me in an email!

Update: Thanks again to Jessi for sending this awesome photo of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. Very cool, and very pretty.

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