June 23, 2009

pule \PYOOL\,

intransitive verb:
To whimper; to whine.

Jeff posed as a dunce for me in today's word of the day. I appreciate the effort all my models have put into making this blog work out -- otherwise there would be way more self portraits in this project.

As has become custom, I immediately thought of a baby or puppy for the word. But I have to tell myself every time that happens to expand my horizons a little bit. It's tough not to be too literal, but also to keep things simple enough.

Lighting-wise, this was just a flash shot through the homemade softbox camera left. I also could have used one camera right and behind to get rid of Jeff's shadow had I been less lazy. But I also like the way one light and the sunlight through the window gives a natural vignette. (Careful, though. Those can get a little trite.)

If you've got any photos for pule, send them along to me in an email!

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